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Practice Mate team has a proven track record of enhancing physicians’ revenues. We ensure increased net collections, reductions in accounts receivable, significant improvements in productivity and all this at considerably low costs.

Our experience and knowledge is our main source of an increase in our client-age every year. Emed-HealthCare Specializes in strengthening the financial roots of Doctors by applying unique cost effective factors.

Our medical billing expertise are not limited to a single Chiropractor or a certain Practice. We have embedded our roots into practices where doctors are not only dealing with patients covered by a private insurance company but also government insurances. Medicare, Medicaid, Blue cross, United Healthcare can be taken as an example

Besides physicians’ offices, we have enabled many billers to focus on business development and transfer their operational burdens to us. Our business model for billers has helped them lower their costs, improve productivity, increase efficiencies and enhance their revenues. Billers trust us a reliable and professional partner in their business growth.

We serve in Health Care

There are almost 50 million people in the United States We serve hospitals and Clinics to manage their health care data live on portals under HIPA Compliance

Transcription Services

Practice Mate believe our transcription service rates are the best you’ll find anywhere, as we take our commitment to value very seriously. We take pride in providing you with quality products and services at competitive prices. In some equations the billing setup based on line count as per cost negotiation between Vendor & Clients​.

Call Center Services

Customer Support PRACTICEMATE provides best Customer services are specifically designed for the multi-specialty practices those who out-source their billing or wish to streamline their practice’s infrastructure.


We serve in Billing Services

Our experienced & professionals Billing expert serving a leading U.S. healthcare providers, They have provided medical billing services for Inpatient Hospital, Outpatient Hospital, Emergency Room Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility, End Stage Renal Disease Facility, and Psychiatric Residential Treatment Centers etc.

24x7 Support

We provide you 24×7 online Support to practice’s billing information and remote IT Support Services for your convenience.

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If you need best service, simply call our 24 hour active hotline.

PRACTICE MATE will ensure that you receive the best possible Services & care.

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Phone: 945 218 6210


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Hi. Practice Mate Rocks with best services global wide.
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Hey, Great experience with Practice Mate, 100% quality assured service provider in transcription industry.
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