Practice Mate Denial Management Services

Facing Denial Headaches? Streamline your claims with our experts’ denial management solutions. Our data driven strategies optimize your revenue and increase operational efficiency.

Deny the Denials for Achieving Denial Free Growth  

Unmanaged denials have an excessive burden on your operational efficiency and financial stability. Practice mate offers all inclusive denial management services to simplify claim process, maximize revenue recovery and optimize ICD,CPT or HCPCS coding with certified coders.  

Our denial management professionals have 20+ years of experience helping your healthcare practice in denial prevention and appeal denied claims. We count every claim and appeal it strategically with the highest acceptance rate. 

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We are your Partner in Achieving These Numbers for Denial-Free Revenue

  • Reduce denial rate up to 50%.
  • Increase your revenue by up to 25%.
  • Save total revenue up to 10%.

We are your Partner in Achieving These Numbers for Denial-Free Revenue

Reduce denial rate up to 50%.
Increase your revenue by up to 25%.
Save total revenue up to 10%.

Practice Mate Denial Management Services 

Our denial management services can help your healthcare practices to prevent bulk of denials, improve claim submission accuracy and focus to maximize your revenue. 


Denial Prevention

Our denial prevention services focus on spotting denials and correcting potential denials issues before submission. We are here to conduct thorough claim scrubbing, performing apex coding audits and providing training to clinical staff.

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Denial Management Reporting and Analytics

We provide you with comprehensive denial reports, real time denial dashboard and make informed decisions. Our actionable data insights are helpful in optimizing your denial management and improving revenue.

Credit Balance Management

By complying with payer guidelines, we maintain accurate patient statements and timely refunds that leads to your patient satisfaction. We remove all risks of litigation and fines.


Real-Time Denial Dashboards

We have real time denial dashboards that provide immediate insights into denial trends, allowing us to address all denials promptly. By providing a denial dashboard, we empower healthcare practices to enhance operational efficiency. 


Ongoing Support and Collaboration

Our support team keeps in touch with you to review denial management progress. We stay up to date on new changes in payer policies(PPO, HMA or HSA). Our support team always makes sure to refine your denial management plan. 

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Tracking and Appealing Denials

We use cutting edge software to provide you up to date claim appeal status.  We always prioritize your denials based on your potential financial impact. We collaborate with healthcare providers to gather complete information for appeals. 

Let’s Start with Practice Mate Denial management services.

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    Why Do You Need to Partner with “US”?

     We are here to cut down your denials and follow a shorter payment cycle.

    Advanced Functionality 

    With our advanced technology and user friendly interface you get a quick overview of your claims. 

    Reduced Burden

    Our denial management services reduce your staff load and complete all denial processes with accuracy. 

    Get Claim Alerts 

    With our robust software you get claim alerts that will notify you with every single update.  

    Scalability and Flexibility

    Our denial management services are scalable and flexible for all types of healthcare practices.

    Practice mate Maintaining Clinical Documentation Integrity Laying Foundation for Denial management

    Our strategies help healthcare practices to maintain clinical documentation integrity with our robust “EHR” software. We pave a path for reducing risk of denials and improving your RCM.

    Documentation Review

    We conduct thorough reviews of your documentation to identify areas for improvement.

    Targeted Education and Training

     We are here to provide training sessions on documentation requirements to avoid errors.

    Monitoring and Feedback

    Our feedback loops help providers to maintain high standards of documentation.

    Practice Mate Tailored Denial Management Solutions for Every Specialty 

    Practice mate Denial management services are  dedicated to serve 30+healthcare specialties. We ensure tailored support and comprehensive coverage for your healthcare practices.

    Practice Mate Seamless Denial Management Workflow

    Practice mate follow every step with expert management that helps your healthcare practice to prevent denials and optimize claim submission. Empower your denial management workflow with expert insights and simplify your processes for denial resolution. 

    Words from “Practice Mate” Satisfied Clients  

    We were very hesitant to outsource our denial management services but Practice mate never realized that we made a wrong decision. Our staff are now happier to solely focus on patient care.  I Highly recommend Practice mate.

    Mary Jones

    CEO Pediatric Clinic

    We have a great partnership with Practice mate. Their team helped us to streamline our denial management process. This outsourcing had a direct impact on our bottom line.

    Susan Chen

    Practice Manager

    Since partnering with Practice mate, there’s been a huge decrease in the denial rate of our practice. They have incredible staff that let us know about all major causes of denials which we have faced previously. We have collected reimbursement as our targeted goal. Thank you Practice mate.

    Jane Doe

    Financial Officer

    Practice mate Essential Denial Management FAQS for Enhanced Reimbursement 

    There’s lots of reason due to which claims get rejected depending upon every single scenario. It might be due to documentation errors, authorization issues, eligibility issues, any policy violation or coding errors.

    Soft denials are those denials that refer to unofficial denials, and can be sorted by immediately providing incorrect or missing information to payers.  

    Denials can impact your revenue badly; so denial management is very necessary. It can pay back with following advantages:

    • Improve your cash flow
    • Reduce administrative cost
    • Enhanced patient satisfaction
    • Increase your reimbursement revenue 

    Denial management responsibility can be divided among different healthcare departments within a healthcare organization.  

    • Dedicated denial management team
    • Billing, coding, and patient care team
    • Outsourced denial management company 

    There are some metrics that you need to evaluate denial management effectiveness.

    • Denial rate
    • Average days to resolve denials
    • Cost per denial
    • Reimbursement Recovery Rate