Get Paid Faster and Eliminate Rejections with Our Eligibility Verification Services

Increase your productivity by decreasing your payment delays and claim denials. Let our experienced staff verify coverage prior to service by automated coverage process.

Why Practice mate for your Insurance Eligibility and Claim Status Needs?

Optimize insurance benefit verification for flawless claims processing. Don’t let insurance eligibility and claim status complexities slow down your procedures. Practice mate is the perfect choice for your practice eligibility verification services.

  • 7% Clean Claim Rate
  • 20+ Years’ Experience
  • 24/7 Support
  • 25% Revenue Increase

Submit Clean Claims with Practice Mate Eligibility Verification Services

Our insurance eligibility verification services ensure seamless workflow and informed decisions with our expertise. We are on your way to achieve optimal efficiency and financial growth.


Instant Eligibility Confirmation

We streamline all processes of patient intake and treatment with instant confirmation of eligibility. You have no worries to face time consuming manual verification, you get immediate access to patient coverage detail.

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Precise Document Authentication

We have adherence to specific insurers requirements to minimize errors and maximize acceptance. We ensure your documentation meets the highest standards and compliant insurance verification procedures.

Instant Denial Appeals

Our denial management expert team meticulously reviews and appeals decisions. We are laser focused on rapid resolution and full reimbursement. Our team analyzes co-pay and medical necessity to ensure successful appeals.

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Simplified Coordination of Benefits (COB)

We give you clarity on primary and secondary insurance coverage for every single patient. Simplify your billing procedures and maximize reimbursement with clear COB verification. Avoid all confusion in claim submission and get accurate payments.


Out-of-network Coverage Insights

We empower your team with clear insights into out of network coverage. You can optimize financial outcomes and provide best possible care with all inclusive coverage detail. Our team can make informed decisions regarding billing strategies and patient care.

Medical billing process

Improved Treatment Insights

Along with basic coverage information, you can get complete insight into outpatient services, prescription coverage and in-network providers. So make well considered treatment choices for patients based on their benefits plan.

Start Now with Our Simple Eligibility Verification

Our credentialing Specialists have in-depth knowledge of unique credentialing requirements and have customized approaches for each specialty.

Get the Right Data at Right Time We Handle Real Time Eligibility Verification for You

We are your partner to take out your practice from eligibility verification data complexities. We take care of complex data, here you can get a quick glimpse into data requirements for the eligibility verification process. So don’t let complexities of eligibility verification push back your healthcare practice

EDI Transactions

With complete coverage detail, we manage all EDI transactions for you from sending “Eligibility Verification Inquiry” (270) to the payer and receiving “Eligibility Response” (271).

Data Format

With us, there is no need to worry about formatting and compatibility issues. We translate all data into ASC X12 format, it’s the standardized format required for communication with payers.

Communication Protocols

Your practice data is always safe and protected, no need to take stress about security issues.  We use secure protocols like SFTP, AS2 and MLLP.

Software and Technology

We cater your needs with EDI compliant software that seamlessly integrates with your existing practice management software. You have no need to invest in additional hardware or software.

Get the Facts, Not the Hassles with Insurance Eligibility FAQS

We offer flexible and customized pricing plans that suit your budget and needs. Cost of eligibility verification depends upon the volume of transaction and some specific features that you require.

We offer different methods for eligibility checks:

  • Real time secure online verification
  • Submit batch of patient information for verification
  • API integration with PMS for seamless data exchange

Real time data verifications are done within seconds. Our batch verification results are typically available within 24 hours, it all depends upon volume of claim submission.

Our team will investigate the case if there is any failure in verification and we work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Complete verifications are securely stored in our online portal, you can get access at any time. Also, you can export reports for detailed analysis and reporting.

Our verification system gathers essential information regarding patient and their insurance plan, including

  • Copays and deductibles
  • Group ID
  • Member ID
  • Out of Network Benefits
  • Covered Procedures
  • Pre-authorization requirements

Boost Revenue Growth for Healthcare Providers with Practice mate Real Time Eligibility Verification

If you are struggling with time consuming eligibility verification and claim denials, we have a solution for your hassles. Our eligibility verification solutions improve your productivity up to 20% and increase revenue up to 25%.