Let’s Make Increase in Revenue and Decrease in Denial Rate with Efficient Medical Coding Services

Our tailored medical billing and coding services integrate with your existing systems without any glitch. We designed customized services for your healthcare practice needs to optimize financial performance and enhance overall efficiency.

Are you Facing these Challenges in Medical Coding?

  • Unbundling of codes
  • Upcoding
  • Ignore NCCI Edits
  • Misuse of Modifiers

Practice mate gives you a quick solution for all of your challenges you faced due to inappropriate coding.

Medical Coding Services We Offer for your Healthcare Practices

Our dedicated staff of experts understand the unique nuances of your practice area. By outsourcing our medical billing and coding services you can open a way towards accuracy and consistency in your healthcare practice.


Automated Claim Generation

Say no to claims denial with precise and compliant medical coding that can eliminate errors from your medical bills. We automatically translate medical codes into insurance codes according to payers which ensure claims are submitted accurately.

Medical billing process

Improved Revenue Cycle Management

Your healthcare practices experienced improved RCM. Our certified medical coders make your billing cycles faster, reduce the administrative burden that let you to focus on your patients’ care. Our experienced coders ensure accurate charge capture at POS that optimize your revenue.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

We are Compliant with HIPAA and CMS (Medicare and Medicaid) guidelines throughout our coding process by maintaining the confidentiality of PHI. Our Certified medical billers and coders utilizes the latest CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10 CM coding systems. We stay updated on all your state-specific regulations.

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Documentation and Reporting

We provide detailed documents and reports that give you valuable data for various purposes. You can easily analyze our coding patterns from our standard templates for accurate documentation. We maintain all coding documents of your patients easily accessible through the E- documentation system.


Coding Audits and Reviews

We thoroughly review assigned codes to patient encounters , ensuring these codes reflect exact services that are provided. Our certified medical billers and coders identify and rectify coding errors before it leads to claim denials and penalties.

Medical billing process

Specialty Coding

Our expertise has in-depth knowledge of precise code selection and minimizing errors. We incorporate specialty specific coding expertise to ensure your healthcare practice captures all reimbursement opportunities for your services.

Our Medical Coding Workflow

Our medical coders ensure an accurate and streamlined medical billing process from data collection to your reimbursement tracking.

Data Collection

We collect all patient data including medical records, encounter notes or any other additional documentation.

Code Selection

Our certified coders analyze patient’s medical records to identify diagnosis and procedural codes.

Quality Assurance

A quality assurance team ensures accuracy and compliance by second review.


We do E- submission of coded claims to relevant clearing houses and payers.

Reporting and Analysis

We provide regular reports and insights that help to understand performance.

Reimbursement Tracking

We track your reimbursement process thoroughly and address unpaid claims.

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Practice Mate Testimonials You Can Trust

We have made the best decision ever, by switching our medical billing and coding services to Practice mate. They have reduced our coding errors. We recommend physicians who are looking for trustable and reliable partners.

Mr. James Brown

Hospital Administrator

We were facing significant loss due to inaccurate coding. With Practice mate we have increased our collections and say goodbye to all backlogs. Practice mate professionals are truly gems. Highly recommended.

Dr. Michael Smith

D.O. (Pain Management)

We are a large practice and it was difficult for us to manage a large volume of data. By outsourcing practice mate we have met our desired goals. It’s really awesome working with practice mate professionals. They are updated to the latest coding regulations.

Mr. David Lee

Medical Coding FAQS, Get the Answer You Need

Technology plays an important role in reducing errors in medical coding. EHR systems automatically capture all patients’ data and diagnoses that reduce manual data entry. Along with EHR auditing and reporting tools it’s easy to track and analyze patterns of medical coding errors.

Outsourcing medical coding services lead to many benefits like:

  • Improve operational efficiency and accuracy
  • Increase reimbursement and collection
  • Data analysis and research
  • Reduced cost due to less claim denials And many more…

Our certified medical billers and coders follow this workflow:

  • Review medical records
  • Select appropriate codes
  • Verify accuracy
  • Submit claims
  • Track Reimbursement

Diagnostic phrase directly referred as “patients medical condition identified through clinical documentation or examination. Medical coders use specific codes according to diagnostic phrases.

Certification isn’t a mandatory part but it shows your expertise and competency in medical coding procedures. Some common certifications are:

  • Certified Professional Coder (CPC)
  • Certified Coding Specialists (CCS)
  • Certified Medical Coders (CMC)