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Nephrology Billing Services In Texas

Providers are always worried about low revenue and constant claim denials. Get our custom-made nephrology medical billing services today. Our billing experts will help you get reimbursed quickly.


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Practicemate Nephrology Billing Company

We are the most renowned medical billing company in Texas. Practicemate has worked with over 500 providers and assisted in recovering from bad debts. Our revenue cycle management solutions are custom-made to meet the specific needs of nephrologists. This is why kidney care physicians love to work with us.

Additionally, we are a HIPAA compliant organization. We ensure the management of PHI (Protected Health Information) at all levels. Hence, your patient’s data is always safe and secure on our platform. We also provide accurate coding services that perfectly help with patient records and billing. Our team assists medical practices in maintaining optimal cash flow to their clinic and hospitals. 

Our Comprehensive Nephrology Billing Services

Nephrology Medical Billing Services

Our professional billing consultants ensure nephrology physicians receive the best solutions. We provide complete services of patient billing such as check-in/out, filing claims, and getting you reimbursed. Our billing work entails tailor-made techniques suitable for reducing challenges faced by clinicians.

Coding Services for Kidney Care Centers

Practicemate coding team is AAPC certified, which gives us an edge over others. Our nephrology coders are well versed in the latest guidelines. We follow ICD-10 and CPT (current procedural terminology) coding sets. Our expertise allows us to accurately describe, and report medical and surgical procedures

Nephrologists and Urologists Sevices

Our enrollment consultants are experts in their field. They help renal care physicians to be enrolled with various top payors in Texas. We find the best in-network and out of network contracts and make this tedious process easy. Medical professionals can provide optimal care to their patients and our team takes care of suitable plans. 

Nephrology Denial Management Services

A strong and effective denial management service is an essential component. Our nephrology billing solutions help your practice in getting paid on time. We quickly deal with any claim that’s been denied by payors concrete steps to minimize future occurrences.

Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

We provide insurance eligibility verification services to all kidney treatment centers. Our prompt actions help in the appropriate identification of covered services of a health plan. Secondly, verification of benefits also empowers practitioners to avoid claim denials.

Prior Authorization Services

Pre-authorization services by practicemate billing company are best in the industry. Our staff performs this critical step before a patient/physician encounter. Any urgent or necessary consultation, surgery, or lab diagnostic procedure’s prior approval is taken from payors.

Nephrology RCM Services

Our outstanding revenue cycle management services for nephrologists are unique. We help kidney care practitioners to achieve the best results. Our team enables your practice to maintain regulatory compliance throughout the practice. Our patient billing expertise enables filing prompt claims of consultations, dialysis tracking and kidney transplants. 

Benefits of Hiring Our Services

  • AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) certified coders

  • Coding and billing staff with background experience in nephrology billing

  • Our clean claim ratio is 99% and above the industry’s standard

  • We provide complete revenue cycle management services

  • ISO certified organization ensuring quality and standard

Nephrology Billing Services

  • Revenue increased by 45%

  • 98% first claim submission rate

  • A clean claim ratio of 99%

  • Ranked top 10 in the USA

  • HIPAA compliant

  • ISO Certified

  • Quick turnaround in months

  • Prompt solutions to aging A/R

  • Monthly contracts facilitation

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