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 Practice Mate Medical Billing Company

Our medical billing company is at the forefront of bringing innovation to providers. We are based in Richmond Texas and have multiple years of experience. We are awarded as the best billing and coding service providers. We excel at streamlining billing systems that help with a better collection of insurance claims. With our assistance, medical practitioners can optimize their revenue cycle management.


Additionally, we are a HIPAA-compliant organization and ensure optimal patient data safety. Our company has worked with Texas’s leading medical facilities. Whether your family practice is suffering from poor accounts receivable or low earnings, we are here to sort out these issues. Hiring us will save you time and money, with rapid solutions ready to deploy.

Our Family Practice Medical Billing Services

We offer physicians top-of-the-line solutions that cater to their needs effectively. Here are the most sought-after ones for family clinicians:

Patient Billing Services

Our patient billing process is highly optimized and error-free. We use the latest medical billing software, thus ensuring transparency and minimal mistakes. We make your billing process streamlined, and our experts follow a structured approach. This step ensures all the services provided to patients by a physician are added to the superbill.

Medical Coding Services

Coding experts at our company follow the latest ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) and CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) guidelines. These coding guidelines provide a framework that allows assigning accurate code for every diagnosis and treatment. We fuel your earnings with precise coding and minimize the need for continuing edits.

Claim Denial Services

We make a big difference in appropriately handling denials. When a claim is received by our billing team, we investigate thoroughly and apply remedial actions. We take solid steps to ensure this does not happen again. Additionally, our state-of-the-art family practice billing software prevents common typos, ensuring smooth submission of claims.

Provider’s Credentialing Services

Along with the industry’s best patient billing services, we offer physician credentialing solutions as well. Credentialing is a process where the verification of a medical professional’s academic background and eligibility is assessed. This step is mandatory before a provider is considered eligible to get a contract from an insurance company. We assist doctors in making this process painless and quick.

Physician Enrollment Services

Outsourcing family practice entitles you to utilize our enrollment services as well. Our enrollment managers provide the best assistance to clinicians. They contact the USA’s top payors on your behalf and enlist your clinical services for their clients. Physicians can increase their patient pool and get the best in-network and out-of-network contracts easily.

Virtual Medical Assistant Services

Our family practice medical billing company offers a 24/7 patient help desk. Our online receptionist facilitates your patients in many tasks and optimizes the care given to them. Tasks in which we assist patients are scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation of appointments. We further assist them with refill submissions, drug-related information, etc.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Offering RPM services to elderly patients is one of the most unique features of the latest medical practices. Our family practice medical billing ensures accurate billing for these patients. Your practice can leverage our expertise in this segment. Our billers can easily create medical claims for these individuals for using services. 24-hour blood glucose monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and heart rate monitoring devices can be provided and billed easily. 

A/R Services

Accounts receivable are a big headache for all healthcare facilities, such as clinics and hospitals. Our custom-made solutions tackle these claims rather swiftly. Our A/R recovery team gives consistent follow-up calls and emails to insurance companies and patients. Our team is committed to expediting these claims in 25–30 days.

Pre-Authorization Services 

Prior authorization is a key aspect of minimizing denials and increasing revenue. Our team performs this task with perfection. Before a medical practitioner provides their services, we acquire authorization from insurance payors. This step helps in avoiding claim rejections or denials for services that are not included in the health insurance plan.

Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

Our team performs verification of benefits before all encounters. We check for patient demographics and the plan they have purchased. After getting insurance verification from payor, we inform the provider to proceed with patient treatment services. Avoiding this critical step can cost healthcare establishments thousands in claim denials and bad debts.

Benefits of Outsourcing Billing Services To Us

  • Quick turnaround in revenue
  • 90% decrease in coding errors
  • Claim reimbursement in 48–72 hours
  • Easy access to the industry’s experts
  • 50% decrease in administrative expenses
  • Almost zero billing errors
  • 77% increase in monthly collections
  • A/R solution in 4 weeks
  • Precision in patient billing and coding
  • Quick enrollment with top payors
  • The industry’s best healthcare audit team
  • Improved cash flow within one week
  • 50% decrease in claim processing time
  • End of in-house billing errors

Why Choose Us?

We are the industry’s benchmark for providing the best patient billing and coding services. Our work has created a big difference in medical practices throughout Texas. Providers can choose us because:

  • Our billers and coders are certified and skilled
  • We have multiple years of experience serving healthcare professionals
  • We are a HIPAA-compliant organization that ensures data safety
  • We are experts in out-of-network and in-network enrollment
  • Our billing and coding services are 50% more economical than others
  • We are trusted by more than 500 providers across Texas.
  • We reduce claim denials by a significant 70%
  • Our A/R recovery time is 30 days for full reimbursements
  • We help you increase your focus on patient care
  • We offer best-in-class payment posting and charge entry services
  • Our team is available 24/7 to sort patient billing issues
  • We use the latest billing and coding software for better transparency


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