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Practicemate Podiatry Billing Services Texas

We are a team of professional coders entrusted by thousands of podiatrists in the USA. Our state-of-the-art billing solutions minimize billing errors and claim denials. We are an award-winning company based in Texas and provide outstanding medical billing services. 

Our unparalleled multiple years of experience bridge the gaps between payors and insurance companies. Hence, we maintain revenue cycle management with top-notch support. Help provided by our personnel offers 360-degree protection from bad debts and denials. 

Our Podiatry Medical Billing Services

Here are our groundbreaking billing solutions that offer long-lasting peace of mind. 

Error-Free Billing Services

Billing process of our podiatry billing company is free of errors. Our medical billing team comprises the industry’s best minds ensuring the best performance. We pay special attention to charge entry and have numerous experts checking accuracy in detail. Our fail-proof billing procedure is the best in the world and unmatched in the industry. That’s the main reason our superbills are accepted by clearing houses at first submission. 

Podiatry Coding Services

Practicemate billing coding services are best in class. The coding professionals of our medical billing company are AAPC certified. We are well-versed in updated ICD-10, ICD-11, and CPT coding guidelines. We have complete knowledge of podiatry codes. This gives us an edge over other companies and ensures our command in providing accurate coding to podiatry practices. Our coding solutions also ensure your patient’s medical records are accurate and updated.

Pending A/R Claims

Accounts receivables are a big challenge and pose a big threat. We provide a dedicated team of recovery managers. They look after all claims aging 3 weeks or more and deliver consistent follow-ups to payors and patients. We contact patients and insurance companies via calls, emails and inquire rigorously. Our team ensures the solution of aging A/R in a few weeks.  

Credentialing Services for Podiatry Practices

Credentialing managers of our organization help foot care practitioners in the CAQH profile set-up. Utilizing our services ensures providers are registered and have an active profile. This process helps them in insurance enrollment programs such as in-network and out-of-network contracting.   

Insurance Enrollment Services

Providers require new patients through referrals and out-of-network plans. Using our in-network enrollment helps your practice to treat new patients and earn additional revenue. Similarly, with out-of-network negotiations, we help you choose the best payor. We enable incremental growth in your revenue.  

Proactive Denial Management Services

Our proactive team remains vigilant 24/7. If a claim denial is registered in our system, we immediately take concrete action. Every case is investigated and consolidated efforts ensure stoppage of recurrences. We file appeals within 24 hours if/when a claim is denied.

24/7 Patient Help Desk

Medical practices related to foot and ankle care flourish when they offer online patient help desk services. We make your dream possible by offering an online medical assistant. We provide assistance to your patients in areas such as:

  • Provider’s appointment
  • Cancellation of appointment 
  • Rescheduling due to unavailability (doctor/patient)
  • Providing drug information (dosage time, quantity)
  • Helping in applying for refills
  • Prior-authorizations, etc

Insurance Eligibility Verification Services

We actively perform verification of benefits to ensure transparency in patient billing. Using our services results in almost zero denials and claim rejections. Our quality control department ensures that patient information and insurance plan details are collected and vetted adequately. Performing this step helps in avoiding unnecessary headaches of future claim denials. 

Pre-Authorization Services

Prior authorization services keep the claim losses at bay. By providing this support, we strengthen podiatry practices in Texas. We perform pre-authorization on all procedures that require taking formal approval from an insurance company. By matching the insurance plan with covered services we inform patients and podiatrists promptly. Medical practices become well-equipped to handle denials by offering this service.

Why Outsource Podiatry Billing Services to Us?

By outsourcing podiatry medical billing services to practicemate, providers can hire the industry’s best. Your search for a reliable and skilled billing company will lead you to us because:

  • We are USA’s top ten podiatry billing company
  • We have a team of 1000+ billers and coders
  • We offer services at economical rates
  • We help practitioners in reducing administrative costs 
  • We are a HIPAA compliant company
  • We have experts in out-of-network contracts
  • Our services result in a 50% decline in processing days
  • We reduce claim denials by 70%
  • We have 700+ satisfied providers across the USA
  • Our solutions are custom-made and ready to deploy

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