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Our Top Rated Medical Billing Services

Our Virginia-based medical billing company is dedicated to streamlining reimbursements and optimizing your practice's cash flow.

Medical Billing Services

Our Medical Billing Company is dedicated to taking the burden from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional patient care. Our CPC-certified medical billers and coders manage the billing process, from insurance verification to claims submission and payment posting. Our certified Staff from “AAPC’’ and “HIMS'' keep you up-to-date on the latest coding regulations(ICd-10 CM) and conduct regular internal audits to ensure HIPAA compliance, reducing the risk of denials and delays.

Medical Credentialing Services

We are here to untangle complex medical credentialing processes. Ensuring your enrollment with insurance companies (Medicaid and Medicare) allows healthcare providers to focus more on patient care. Practice mate negotiate with insurance payers to get maximum reimbursement. We handle all the paperwork and follow-up involved in the credentialing process. Our credentialing CAQH portals are up to date. We ensure compliance with the NCQA standards through our provider credentialing services.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Our Remote Patient Monitoring Services (RPM) services authorise you to monitor your patients' health from anywhere. With the integration of advanced telemonitoring and wearable devices, you can collect patients' data in real-time. Data can be placed in a centralised location where physicians can easily approach and review it. With Practice Mate RPM services, you can identify patients' potential health issues before they get more severe. Our RPM services adhere to HIPPA Compliance standards, ensuring the protection of Patient Health Information (PHI).

Medical Transcription Services

At Practice Mate, we understand the role of accurate and timely medical transcription in ensuring patient care and maintaining HIPAA compliance. We have over 20 years of expertise across the United States, offering all-inclusive medical transcription services that simplify documentation workflows, boost efficiency, and protect PHI. Our medical transcriptionists’ staff is highly trained to transcribe various medical dictations, including Clinical notes summaries, administrative letters, consultation notes, specialty-specific reports, etc.

Why Choose Practice Mate For Your Practice

Our trained medical billing specialists manage the details of your practice documentation. With our comprehensive solutions, your practice can:

Get started with Practicemate

1. Eliminate administrative tasks by up to 80%
2. Increase patient satisfaction by up to 40 %
3. Reduce billing and transcription Errors up to 90%
4. Reduce your operational cost by up to 20%
5. Increase your practice revenue by up to 15% 

Practice Mate Proudly Serve All Healthcare Specialities

Practice mate medical billing solutions tailored to over 30+ specialities, allowing healthcare providers to control costs and enhance clinical and non-clinical bonds.

Accelerate your Revenue Cycle and Maximize Cash flow with Healthcare RCM Experts.

Our Billing Experts offer flexible solutions that fit your needs, from Extended Business Office (EBO) point solutions to holistic business process outsourcing (BPO) services. We work seamlessly with your existing systems to overcome common RCM challenges and achieve operational brilliance.

Our Revenue Cycle in 3 Simple Steps

Simplify your revenue cycle, maximise reimbursements, and optimise your healthcare practice's financial health with our simplified 3-step approach.

Step 1: Pre-Registration and Eligibility Verification

Step 2: Coding and Claim Submission

Step 3: Payment Posting and Denial Management

Eliminate Billing Headaches and Simplify your Operations with Our Billing Company

But Why?

Expertise and Experience

Our team of highly trained and 20+ experienced medical billers has a deep understanding of medical billing complications.

Robust Processes and Technology

We utilize advanced EHR billing software and technology to streamline your healthcare practice processes, minimise errors, and maximise efficiency.

Commitment to Your Success

We are committed to providing adapted attention and support to our clients, ensuring that your needs are met and your practice operations done smoothly.

Let's Practice Mate be Your Trusted Partner

We are at stake in maintaining privacy and security for sensitive PHI by providing HIPAA-compliant services. We simplify HIPAA Compliance with our all-in-one software.

We are committed to higher standards of medical billing services with ISO-certified excellence. We adhere to stringent protocols to handle data confidentiality and maintain your practice integrity. 

Partnering with us, we have AAPC-certified medical billing service providers. Our team of expert medical billers and coders ensure accurate coding and claim submission for max reimbursement. 

Get Stuck In A Billing Error Pool?

Talk to Practice Mate medical billing and coding experts for healthcare solutions.

You can Ask “WE” to Answer

Practice mates understand that every healthcare practice has unique needs and requirements. Whether you have a small or large practice across the USA, our medical billing company is tailored to your specific scenarios.

We are dedicated to keeping the highest compliance standards in all aspects of our medical billing services. We strictly adhere to CMS and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) regulations and guidelines.

Our virtual assistant can perform various tasks, including appointment scheduling, medical record management, telemedicine services, insurance verification, transcription, etc. 

By outsourcing Practice Mate medical billing company, you can improve your cash flow, reduce billing errors, get 95% efficiency in all billing processes, and we are HIPPA compliant.

A dedicated team can be assigned to your practice, who will be the POC for all your billing concerns. We will increase your revenue by up to 15%, and the denial ratio will be decreased.

Our experienced billers and coders review your patient’s medical records and claims using the latest CPT and ICD codes. Staff can manage multiple steps with accuracy and completeness. Our denial management team follows up on denied claims and resolves issues quickly.

We provide our clients with quick access to a user-friendly online portal where you can easily track billing and collection of your healthcare practice. You can also consult your assigned team for any further queries.

Enjoy the transformative power of Practice Mate medical billing cost-effective solutions. We deliver exceptional services by keeping a check on cost.

Revel in Cost-Effective Medical Billing Solutions with Practice Mate.

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Make Less Clinical Documentation Errors with Expert Transcriptionist

Our transcriptionists are dedicated to making accurate and efficient documentation processes. We provide high-quality transcripts of physician dictation.

Partner with Practice Mate for a Successful Outsourcing Experience

At practice, mate, we are not just a medical billing service provider but your right-hand partner in achieving your practice's financial goals. We are committed to customised solutions that make us ideal for providers. Our commitment to quality, flexibility, and personalised service makes us the perfect partner for healthcare providers seeking to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance their financial performance.

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Outsourcing with Practice Mate transcription services has saved us time and money and improved the quality of our patient online records. Their team is meticulous, and they always meet our deadlines.
Angelina Vive
Practice mate, medical billing services have increased our revenue and improved cash flow. Highly Recommended and looking forward to future collaborations.
Jhone Russhel